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Choose How You Bring The Healing Home...

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Experience the cinematic

self-help stories that

started it all...

Breathing Meditation


Melt away stress and

tap into your potential

one breath at a time...

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Go deeper and transform

your life forever with

hands-on mentorship...

Secrets Albums

Secrets Of A Life Coach Audio Series

Transform your life today one story at a time with these powerful self-help audio stories that 

awaken the busy, stuck, and restless to new ideas, new perspectives, and new horizons.

Praise For "Secrets Of A Life Coach"

"I found the CD very creative, thought-provoking, and helpful, The stories are full of compassion and are very relateable to the human experience. An enthusiastic 5 stars!"
 - Emily 

Breathwork Sessions

Take your physical, mental, and spiritual health to amazing heights and give yourself the gift of feeling better than you have in years or even decades with transformational breathwork sessions. 

Intentional breathwork has been proven to:

  • Reduce inflammation by oxygenating your blood, bringing it to deeper parts of the body

  • Slow down and sometimes reduce diseases such as MS, Diabetes, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, and Cancer 

  • Improve athletic performance by accessing the "brown fat" that is typically hard to get rid of. 

  • Infuse you with more energy for you to reach your fitness and health goals

  • Calm your nervous system by reducing stress, anxiety, and depression

  • Boost mental clarity by slowing the psychology of our restless brains by getting you out of your head and the physiology of our bodies

  • Change your biochemistry for a most relaxing experience

  • Access long-lived trauma so you can heal through emotional release

  • Provide a safe & natural "high" that plugs you into universal clarity and peace

  • Allow a calming, electric effect to flow through your body that taps you deeper into life

Book your session today to transcend the busyness and experience the incredible benefits of breathwork for yourself!


Coaching Sessions

I don't promise happiness through coaching. No matter how much internal or external work we do, we will still come across pain. Stress. Life taking a giant, smelly "shift" all over our plans, our safety and security. I do promise fulfillment through personal truth...and what this little, fast and beautiful life is all about.


Life Coaching is a deeper level of conversation. As a Certified Life Coach, we work together to not only clear blockages and challenges to your authentic self, we locate the root causes to change your story from the inside out. We clear the ways we have been conditioned, find the truths in the stories we play out to find a different way of living. It's deep, it's intriguing and it's necessary if you do not feel fulfilled. 


  • Crack through emotional barricades that block our mental, emotional and physical health (perfect for those who feel restless, anxious, or use alcohol, drugs or food to "even out")

  • Change the way we approach situations through finding perspectives we have avoided (perfect for those who feel "stuck" in their situations or keep repeating the same patterns) 

  • Locate, reconnect and heal the disconnect between our logical minds and our intuitive bodies (perfect for those who are living with the mental or physical disease)

  • Remove victimhood and blame and take responsibility for the lives we've created, to create a fresh, new and familiar life (perfect for those stuck in relationship or family issues)

  • Rebuild a relationship with yourself that often reduces or eliminates disease, depression, anxiety, restlessness, and stress (perfect for those who feel busy but not fulfilled)

  • Discover what is really happening and what is just an illusion in your life (perfect for people-pleasers, perfectionists, or those who can't find their purpose) 


Coaching is for everyone, myself included (I don't just learn, I walk the talk and have had coaching and therapy myself)


I believe that we are all geniuses who've just been covered in "rules", programs, and survival techniques.


We will remove those to let that genius emerge again. After all, we aren't just built to survive, but thrive.

So be brave enough to look at yourself, here and now, and recognize that as imperfect as you (and all of us) are, we are worthy of healing, forgiveness, and love and capable of more than we could ever begin to imagine.


So if you're ready to fall back in love with yourself, book a quick discovery call with me to see what's possible.

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