Secrets of a Life Coach Audio Series
Cozy, cinematic, transformational human experience stories.


Album 2 "Everything?" stories 

  • There's a vital piece parents pass onto their kids

  • There's a hidden gem when tragedy strikes

  • There's a truth about the control we all seek

  • There's a way to face the darkness within

The Life of a Feather
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Album 1 "Now" stories

  • There's a single word that can change your life

  • There's only one piece of perfection that exists

  • There's a truth about obstacles in our lives

  • There's a certain cage we all lock ourselves in

The Waiting Ungame
00:00 / 01:37

You've never heard anything like this. It's fun self-help!

We arrive in this world naked and free, full of a bubbling trust and love.
Then, our innocence gets tainted with the expectations that we place on ourselves; the logic of society and the distractions we allow to be placed on us. The gooey-warm magic we once felt is now buried under expectations and personality masks we've built over the years.

We restrict. We compromise. We try to fit in, to be together - but we feel alone.

The magic is still there, waiting underneath our desires.  Allow the characters in this series to show you alternative directions for your life, because they're endless. Your priceless magic awaits you in this series and will return your connection to those beautiful, child-like dreams. Is today the "someday" you've been talking about?


Grab your copy now. 

Stop Moving. Start Listening.

"These stories help me escape the circumstances that I've created to a life I long for and a reality of what could be. They are relatable and I feel euphoric and peaceful when I listen. It helps me find the genuine me as it puts life in perspective and reminds me that I have control of my destiny, and ability to declutter my obligations and thoughts."

- Tina, Marketing Manager, Mother of two

"I listen to the stories on the way to work as I often suffer from anxiety from racing thoughts. The stories calm me every time."

- Adrienne, Office Manager, Mother of three

"I find these stories compelling. They are different than a Podcast or Audiobook, and although the stories stand alone, they all fit together. The narration is soothing and the stories are cinematic, like ear-movies for the soul. I recommend these stories to anyone trying to get it together for a thought provoking "head break"."

 - Dan, IT Professional & Author

"I'm busy and don't have time to read so I listen to one five minute story at a time in the car, while mowing the lawn or cleaning. I really get into the stories. There's nothing out there like this!"
- Todd, Retail Manager, Father of two 

"The stories really calm me when I feel busy or stressed. They are conversation starters. My husband and I listen to a story and it opens up conversations about life outside of all my priorities that don't feel like priorities at all when you hear and talk about the big picture of life. What's really going on."

- Patricia, Health Professional, Mother of three

"These stories bring me together so I can bring my people together. I play stories at team meetings at work so we can remind each other of how we impact those around us based on how we empower ourselves. They are empowering!"

- Jeremiah, Firefighter, Father & Grandfather

"These are incredible. I listen when I feel stuck. Stuck with the news, bored with books or TV. The stories make me feel relaxed and they broaden my perspectives. You can pick one story up at a time without missing anything. It helps me get into other people's shoes to see where mine fit in the world. I've never heard anything like this!"

- Jen, Accounting Manager, Mother of two

"Who doesn't have five minutes or time for self-help? Do you drive or take walks? Listen then! I play them for my youth groups as these are healing stories that show you how to overcome obstacles in a world full of people with trauma."
- T. Michael, Pastor, Father of two 




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II'm Mike James, Certified Life Coach, and I've coached over 900 clients since 2010. I've turned the common themes of "human problems" and "where we get stuck" into cinematic stories. I'm extremely passionate about stories as we have enough information, motivation and perspiration and we need more inspiration for transformation. I've also made it fun and engaging too! These stories empower the busy, restless and stuck with fresh choices. They quiet the head noise to amplify the peace and wonder with you to make change with the options the stories provide.


You, me, we all deserve to stop moving and talking so much. So we can listen more.

Oh. And I love dogs, music, dancing, meditation, Chinese food and...this crazy amazing little thing called life.