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The Internal Album - Find more of yourself through stories that will peel away old mind patterns to more freedom

The Life of a Feather
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The Awareness Album - Find more of yourself through stories that will awaken your heart to more freedom

The Waiting Ungame
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This is The Soundtrack of the
Human Experience.

We arrive in this world naked and free, full of a bubbling trust and love.
Then, our innocence gets tainted with the expectations that we place on ourselves; the logic of society and the distractions we allow to be placed on us. The gooey-warm magic we once felt is now buried under expectations and personality masks we've built over the years.

We restrict. We compromise. We try to fit in, to be together - but we feel alone.

The magic is still there, waiting underneath our desires.  Allow the characters in this series to show you alternative directions for your life, because they're endless. Your priceless magic awaits you in this series and will return your connection to those beautiful, child-like dreams. Is today the "someday" you've been talking about? Grab your copy now. 

Stop Moving.

Start Listening.

"I feel like the album is about awareness - self, surroundings etc. It invokes the listener to look inward, yet outward as well. It's about attitude and choices - and impacts that come along with each. It was very relatable. It puts life in perspective - I have control of my destiny, ability to declutter my obligations and thoughts, gain a new yearning to enjoy the small things and forget about the things that don't really matter."

- Tina, Marketing Manager, Mother of Two

"It's been a while since I read or listened to self-help books, but I found these stories compelling. They are different than the typical material of this genre, thought provoking, but not pushing an overly-prescriptive "program". Though the stories stand alone, they all fit together. The narration and background music have a soothing quality. I'd recommend these stories to anyone trying to get it together or simply looking for a soothing but thought provoking "head break"."

Dan, IT Professional & Author




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Where might you go for connection and community? Your place of worship.

What do successful businesses really try to focus on?  People Connection.


If your spiritual sanctuary or company is looking for deeper relationships, "YOURStory" is perfect for opening these up!  Like book club, YOURStory is a platform where we listen to stories that provoke deep discussion, connect community and offers the accountability we all need for the freedom we crave.  YOURStory is our story.


About Me

I share all four seasons of Minnesota with two incredible dogs and five tortoises who are way smarter than I'll ever be. I love exercise, music, trying to learn the piano, I stare at birds, trees and squirrels for hours and I meditate each day and talk too much when I get excited. I'm usually talking about you. Swimming all the way to the bottom of my own pain and darkness, my own story is one of shame, struggle, desire, humility and glory. Probably like your story.

I'm Mike James and I've coached over 800 clients as a life coach. I turned "how people hide from themselves" themes heard over and over again in client conversations, into self-love stories. We all deserve to stop moving and talking so much. And listen more.


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