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Get the physical copy of the first album from the Secrets Of A Life Coach audio series. 


  • There's a single word that can change your life

  • There's only one piece of perfection that exists

  • There's a truth about obstacles in our lives

  • There's a certain cage we all lock ourselves in


  • Fire Intro
  • Tiny Bugs
  • Purriousity
  • The Yellow Light
  • Crowded Room
  • To The Top
  • Crowded Room Pt. 2 (Empty Room)
  • Wild Strawberries
  • The Waiting Ungame
  • Now...A Story About A Dog
  • The Life Of A Feather
  • Perfection Project
  • 4 Miles
  • Yag
  • Unyeilding Arthur & The Great Canvas
  • 29 Questions A Child May Ask


Runtime: 2 hr. 17 mins.

[Physical] "Now" - Secrets Of A Life Coach

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