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Why saying "have a good day" isn't quite accurate

Updated: May 28, 2019

"Have a good day."  

Um.  Is this even accurate?  I don't feel it is.   First off, it's a truly nice sentiment though, to tell someone "have a good day."  I say it.  You probably do too.  Most of us do. But think about it.  "Having" something assumes we get a hold of it.  We can get ahold of it.  Something is in our grasp.  Our responsibility.  Something we own or control.   But....then what do we make of when something "bad" happens?  When life surprises us with shock or discomfort?  If or when tragedy strikes?  How do we justify this phrase now? "Oh I'm so sorry.  You must not have truly had that day then." 

or... "Did you have your day correctly?  It doesn't look like you did."  If you were having a good day and it got lost....did you really have it to being with?   Instead of "have a good day" I believe we should "Let the day have a good you."  All of you.  I'm not asking you or I (nor would I even believe it's my business to) to change how we phrase it, unless...of course you want to.  But letting the good day have you feels more like a partnership, than a responsibility.  Every day....All days are always plump-ripe with fresh.  Dripping with possibility.  Flirting with you to take a giant bite, juices and all running down your chin.  All these are available to help us grow stronger.  BE stronger.  More alive.  More full.  Life....the Universe....GOD....Spirit....the holy whatever-you-choose-to-call it is always trying to partner with you.  And it wants the full you.  "Have a good day" can imply to just smile.  Or be happy.  Or to "stay positive."  These can be dangerous when we hide behind them and don't let our feelings come out when...ya know...something "bad" happens.  When life surprises us with shock or discomfort.  Or when tragedy strikes.  Letting the good day have you means diving into whatever life's steaming hot buffet is cooking up right in front of you to consume.  Same for me.  If you or I have been avoiding the things in front of us, the day might be plump-ripe with fresh sadness.  If we've been running really fast, the hard-to-get-to silence might be dripping with possibility.  If we're avoiding something, it will just hang around, flirting with you to take a giant bite, the juices and all, a combination of difficult and strength to run down your chin. Listen.  You don't "have" the day.  You don't own it.  You don't possess it.  Neither do I.  The day is already always good, and we grow from it by bringing our "good self" to it.  Our full self.  Our growing, expanding, always-blooming (unless we get in the way of it) selves.  Just like the growing, expanding, always blooming day. We face what is right here and know it's's what's hereNow.   Bring your tears, anger, frustration, empathy, sadness, jealousy, smiles, embarrassment, ways you hide, disgust, laughter and lightness.  The end result is a fully layered sunset feeling of love when you bring it all. That's all the day is trying to do for you.  To you.  To love the hell outta you.  So love it back by bringing all your versions of hell and let "the day have a good you."  Full version, ALL emotional ingredients. 

That...will be a day that can feel you!

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