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In a world of what looks like "chaos", here's some good...

During a time of political rants and global stress (should you participate in it), I want to post three things I absolutely love in this life. I am posting this NOT because I think you'd like to know what I like, but because there's so many good things in this short, immaculate little life. Here are a few that I thoroughly enjoy:

1. All of the bright teeth I see from the wide, genuine smiles when I have rolled down the windows of my truck so my gorgeous pups can hang their heads out the window and sniff the world. People....just....SMILE. And then I do.

2. Thursdays. I don't know fully why I love them, but I do. Thursdays are my favorite days. The beginning to the wind down of the week and the pregnant electricity of the approaching weekend. I LOVE Thursdays. LOVE them.

3. Old messages to strangers, from strangers in the used books that I buy. I purchase used books and once in awhile...I get a present. A glimpse of others lives. Messages of happy birthday from a mother to a daughter. An "I love this book and I hope you do too. May you always follow your dreams" from a friend to another friend. Little did either party know that when the recipient of the book sold it online, a random buyer down the road gets to enjoy the message much later. Years. Sometimes decades. It's beautiful.

I hope you too are finding the little things you love in life. Because often times, those are actually the big things. The real things.

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