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Sometimes the cheese gets the mouse!

Updated: May 28, 2019

Sometimes the mouse gets the cheese, sometimes the cheese gets the mouse.

If you're a human being you'll be taught to chase after the things that you want.

To fight for them.

To work crazy hard for them.

To Hustle.

Oh, and don't give up.  Never.  Ever!

But only a very small percentage of people actually end up getting what they've been reaching so hard for.  So long for.  Lots of people work very, very hard and never get close to their dream.  So many never get what they want.  Too many.  

So what is the big fight for then?  The crazy hard work?  The hustle?

It takes so much energy to fight.  And sometimes it does work!  And that's amazing.

And that should be celebrated.

And...what if it's a lot easier than that needing to fight?

What if you don't have to chase anything?  Or hustle for it.  

What if you are the cheese versus the starving, hunting mouse you've been taught to be?  The recognizable cheese to whatever is trying to find you.  Whatever has always been trying to hunt you down.

That thing that will actually never give up on you.  Never.  Ever! 

What just get a little....more a piece of patient cheese, resting on a trap?

A little....more.....quiet....

You can hear so damn much more....see more....observe more...feel more....when you sit still.  

You can hear, see, observe and feel that crazy human hustle.  Those people who never seem to stop  moving....often not towards anything effective.

If the hustle isn't proving effective (and you deserve to be effective dammit!) and the energy behind it isn't there anymore, why not try a different tactic?

In my experience....when you listen closely and carefully, and marry listening with patience just...long enough.......BAM!

The Universe recognizes you and snaps down on you with it's galactic intense love.

The "big thing" finds you.

The "big thing" you've been waiting for extends a you.

This amazing little life is all about options.  You have the option to be the cheese in the this big, magnetic, brilliant force of a universe that is always trying to love the hell out of you.

Attract it to you.  

That is much easier than searching and hunting like a hungry mouse.  

Set the perfect, magical love trap.

A new story that's set to work every time.

That how the cheese gets the mouse.

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