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Do we hang on to sh!t too long?

Updated: May 28, 2019

When's the last time you carried around a rotting piece of fruit in your pocket?

Or when's the last time you stared at a pear on a tree the whole time until it was ripe enough to pick? wouldn't. Neither would I.

You don't. Neither do I.

So why do we?

Why do we hang onto people, jobs, material things, even thoughts that no longer serve us? I believe we are all striving for a life less crunchy. Less tethered and less busy. Less heavy. feel lighter we have to put some heavy sh!t down. We have to pluck away the moldy fruit from the bunch before it grows like a fungus over the good and juicy stuff.

Who currently is in your life that doesn't serve your purpose any longer? Fungus and all, what keeps you hanging onto them?

A pear serves its purpose for a certain amount of time before it grows rotten. Its death isn't actually a death at all. It's a drop from it's familiar branch to plant new seeds for all new life. A whole new tree of its own. Would you carry that rotten pear around in your pocket? You're stunting it's new growth along with rotting your own.

Who in your life are you holding back with, waiting for them to grow? A pear, like everything, takes time to grow into being fully ripe. Individually. Not every pair ripens at the same time, even while on the same tree together. Are you ready to drop something new but are hanging around unripened fruit hoping and waiting for their potential? You're stunting your own growth and new possibilities by waiting on someone that may never ripen the way you want them to. The way they're supposed to.

It might be time to drop. Or time to let them fall away. Let all of the things or people that prevent your growth, fall away. They are not your responsibility anyway. If a pear stayed on a tree, rotting away and never dropping, it would miss its purpose. To be eaten. Or to plant new seeds for all new growth.

Many of us fear change. Shouldn't we be fearful of things not changing if these people or things don't feel purposeful for us?

Pair up, err....Pear up with the realities of the mysteriously beautiful and always changing free life and let go of all that doesn't serve you. It's time. It's always time. It may hurt a bit to let go, to drop or let drop, but then.....stunning, immaculate new growth. A purpose you deserve to find out.

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Don't hold onto sh!t. It'll just add rot to your life. And we don't have time for that.

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1 Comment

Morgan Olsen
Morgan Olsen
Mar 31, 2019

Love it! This is a great way to think about getting rid of those people or those things that no longer serve you.

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