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Overwhelmed? Busy? Stressed? Here are stories to empower you.

Mike James Stories is a proud supporter of mental health awareness. A portion of every album sale goes towards suicide prevention and the funding of mental health organizations.

All of us are alive, but few of us truly live...


Imagine a little monkey, running and playing free off in a warm jungle somewhere. It has everything it needs, and then...


Imagine it is captured and taken to live in a zoo. It can still run and play free, though only inside its cage. It still has everything it needs, and...


Do you know what happens when that cage door is left open? It's been shown that animals, say a monkey, a lion, a lemur, you and I...either stay in the cage, on the cage or don't venture too far from it so that when "danger" or the unknown presents itself, it can run back into the safety of the cage. I'm here to tell you...


You are the monkey.

You are the cage.

And you are the key to your freedom.


So what's your cage? We all have them.


Is it addiction? Restlessness? Busy distractions? Relationships? Stress, anxiety, worry, fear, or doubt?


These have been taught to us. They aren't actually us though.


Did you know that in the United States:

  • 60% of adults have a chronic illness

  • 70% are taking one or more prescriptions

  • 80% are not flourishing mentally or emotionally

  • 97.3% are not keeping daily health habits

I myself have struggled and pushed through all of the cages trapping me. I did and continue to do the inner work to free myself.


I became a Certified Life Coach and have coached over 900 clients to greater health and fulfillment. I have learned skills of how to help you break patterns, identify and move through blockages and end the cycle of the stories in your life that are dying (literally) for a new page.


I help free others from their cages, starting with my own.

And you can too.

Read on to discover how life can open up for you when you free yourself from the cage that's been keeping you from it...

Secrets of a Life Coach Audio Series

Overwhelmed. Stressed. Busy. Is this you?


You can now have a Life Coach in your pocket with the Secrets of a Life Coach audio series.


Close to 7 hours of standalone stories of relatable characters going through the same struggles that you do, with fresh options for change. These transformational mini-ear movies for the soul are perfect while driving, taking a walk, mowing the lawn, or cleaning. Perfect for the busy person on the go!


Allow these inspire you to change yours!


If an inspirational movie and a self-improvement audiobook had a baby...this would be their child.

They're more revolutionary than a record...more powerful than a podcast.


Grab your copy of an album today (or complete your collection) below. Want a little taste? Sample a story from each of three (and counting!) albums.


Album 1: "Now"

  • There's a single word that can change your life

  • There's only one piece of perfection that exists

  • There's a truth about obstacles in our lives

  • There's a certain cage we all lock ourselves in

02 Tiny BugsMike James
00:00 / 09:55

Album 2: "Everything?" 

  • There's a vital piece parents pass onto their kids

  • There's a hidden gem when tragedy strikes

  • There's a truth about the control we all seek

  • There's a way to face the darkness within

The Case of the Missing ManMike James
00:00 / 06:01

Album 3: "Doors & Windows" 

  • There's a hunger inside our headvoices

  • There's a deadly killer in every home

  • There's a crucial need behind our public faces

  • There's a behavior nature wouldn't consider

5 Faces of MaryMike James
00:00 / 09:47

Ready for the full Secrets of a Life Coach experience?...

Girl Relaxing
Hot Air Balloons

Change your life—one breath at a time.

Experience timeless, transformational techniques to take your physical, mental, and spiritual health to amazing heights with breathwork.

This astounding practice is rising in popularity due to its amazing benefits.


Give yourself the gift of feeling better than you have in years or even decades by improving your health, regulating your emotions, and calming your mind in fun, interactive sessions. 


Book a session today to ignite the health benefits and to feel incredible. A new journey awaits you. The incredible one that unlocks possibilities beyond the mind.

I have a question for each one of your answers.

I don't promise happiness through coaching. No matter how much internal or external work we do, we will still come across pain.


I do, however, promise fulfillment through personal truth...and that is what this little, fast and beautiful life is all about.


As a Certified Life Coach, we work together to not only clear blockages and challenges to your authentic self but locate the root causes to change your story from the inside out.


We clear the ways we have been conditioned, find the truths in the stories we play out, and discover a different way of living so you can let that genius emerge again.

If you're ready to fall back in love with yourself, book a quick discovery call with me to see what's possible.


Mike James Coaching Highlights:

  • CPCC®️ Certified Coach

  • SOMA Breathwork Instructor (in progress)

  • Mentored 950+ Clients (since 2010)


What others are saying:

"These stories help me escape the circumstances that I've created to a life I long for and a reality of what could be. They are relatable and I feel euphoric and peaceful when I listen. It helps me find the genuine me as it puts life in perspective and reminds me that I have control of my destiny, and ability to declutter my obligations and thoughts."

- Tina, Marketing Manager, Mother of two

"I listen to the stories on the way to work as I often suffer from anxiety from racing thoughts. The stories calm me every time."

- Adrienne, Office Manager, Mother of three

"I find these stories compelling. They are different than a Podcast or Audiobook, and although the stories stand alone, they all fit together. The narration is soothing and the stories are cinematic, like ear-movies for the soul. I recommend these stories to anyone trying to get it together for a thought provoking "head break"."

 - Dan, IT Professional & Author

"I'm busy and don't have time to read so I listen to one five minute story at a time in the car, while mowing the lawn or cleaning. I really get into the stories. There's nothing out there like this!"
- Todd, Retail Manager, Father of two 

"The stories really calm me when I feel busy or stressed. They are conversation starters. My husband and I listen to a story and it opens up conversations about life outside of all my priorities that don't feel like priorities at all when you hear and talk about the big picture of life. What's really going on."

- Patricia, Health Professional, Mother of three

"These stories bring me together so I can bring my people together. I play stories at team meetings at work so we can remind each other of how we impact those around us based on how we empower ourselves. They are empowering!"

- Jeremiah, Firefighter, Father & Grandfather

"These are incredible. I listen when I feel stuck. Stuck with the news, bored with books or TV. The stories make me feel relaxed and they broaden my perspectives. You can pick one story up at a time without missing anything. It helps me get into other people's shoes to see where mine fit in the world. I've never heard anything like this!"

- Jen, Accounting Manager, Mother of two

"Who doesn't have five minutes or time for self-help? Do you drive or take walks? Listen then! I play them for my youth groups as these are healing stories that show you how to overcome obstacles in a world full of people with trauma."
- T. Michael, Pastor, Father of two

About Mike James

Mike James, CPCC is a Certified Life Coach and public speaker who has successfully worked with over 900 clients in both 1-on-1 and group settings. His “Secrets of a Life Coach” series has featured on NBC, CBS, Fox, and WCCO Radio.  

Mike is passionate about getting people out of the rough seas of their minds so they can feel the calm waters of the bigger picture. His coaching and his work have helped people across all walks of life, including medical professionals, busy parents, entrepreneurs, those suffering from mental illness or trauma, and the everyday person hungry to get more “life” out of living.  

Mental illness, emotional health and suicide awareness are a priority for me. When you you purchase an album, you invest in yourself and these causes as well. Proceeds from each album goes to suicide prevention foundations.


When he is not coaching or creating stories he can be found with his dogs in nature, on a patio with friends, reading a book or finding creative ways to connect you…to you!

Ready to change your story & transform your life?

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