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Life's Pendulum is About to Swing the Other Way. Are You Ready?

Updated: May 28, 2019

Are you feeling burnt out and uninspired by "the times" we live in?

First off, let's be honest. When we say "the times" it's never the times we are actually talking about. We are human so our "times" mean other people. What our human world is doing.

Never before have humans created so much opportunity, available right at our fingertips. Things created by other people to make life easier. If you really want something, you could order it to be delivered today if tomorrow seems just too long to wait. You can message and interact with millions of people from your couch wearing nothing but a toe ring if you wish (no worries, I'm fully clothed as I type this and I don't....actually own a toe ring myself). People can admire your incredible and intelligent ideas online while you haven't even showered in weeks. We are moving faster than we ever have before with our creations, the entrepreneurship rise, speeds of our marketing, digital-social connections and to-do's since we're able to tune in to any topic at any time to see how to hone in on something to create a different version of it or even better it. Other people or companies handle the things we don't want to. Need a ride? Want a recipe and the ingredients sent over? Want to hook up with someone? Interested in learning rare tribal dances while you're in your basement, un-showered and wearing nothing but a toe ring? You're only one or two clicks away! Technology even shows us our preferences. We don't even have to think or remember things.

If you look around though, and I mean....really look around, do people seem happier? Do faces look shiny? Do friends, neighbors and coworkers look fulfilled? Is the current generation ("the times") experiencing "too much of a good thing" with all of the above available? There's a certain unease that comes with something or someone else doing all the work for us. There's a certain dissatisfaction with having anything we want right away. It's typically the moments after. We feel satisfied in that we got what we want, and fast. We don't feel satisfied since the actual work and pride towards something is taken away. We're gratified instantly yes, but...then what? What are we left with when we "have" the things we want? We usually just want more. And then more. We're all spending, everyday whether it's your time spent doing the work yourself or your money spent having someone or something else do it.

But.....the good news is, no matter what fast we run, how many things we schedule, what we purchase...we all will have to face ourselves eventually and the real work that comes with that, because that...thankfully and maybe painfully for the one thing we absolutely cannot outrun. Ourselves.

When you look into others' faces and most importantly, the one in the mirror, if all of the instant gratification looks like false connections, fear not! The always available spiritual connection is rising like a tidal wave to crash down on you to slow you down and have you float for a bit. The pendulum of "today's speed" is about to swing the other way if it hasn't already for you.

MORE good news....there are so many people doing the deep self-work and paving the way for you as examples of how to deal with the wave. The swing. They just won't be able to do it for you. Only you will be able to.

Thank GOD for the yin and yang of things. The push and pull. The up and down. The different from the same. Thank GOD for life's opposites always including each other. The swing of the pendulum to the other side. We cannot operate at the speed we are now and possibly stay healthy.

So....a giant glass shattering toast to the pendulum swinging the other way. If we aren't doing our deep inner work, we might just get nailed by the pendulum as it's swinging back. I sure hope I do for all of the ways I may need to. With that giant swing the other way, here's what will happen:

  • "Celebrity" as we know it will be replaced by spiritual leaders

  • Moving fast will be replaced by stopping so our bodies can catch up to our minds

  • Pushing and pulling will be replaced by stillness and loooonnnngggg deeeeep stretching

  • Being busy and the "hustle" will be replaced by quiet feeling and intuition

  • More women leaders will bubble up to the surface and pop new versions of masculine and feminine energies

  • Sticky traditions of religions will continue to melt into self-love religions of ones own

  • "Experts" outside of you will be replaced by your own curiosity about yourself

  • "Truth" will be the only reality people are interested in.

Things don't stay the same. Yi-yeah! GOOD! It's usually the change when we are reminded that we are alive. Alive enough to do the work to shift or feel the pain of holding onto something not working like it used to. Alive to appreciate the fast and convenient empty feeling of today that brought us to the slow and fulfilling, hard work of what's arriving.

To all of you who are already doing the work in helping push that pendulum the other way, you will be the next version of successful. ALL those busy-minded, unfulfilled people that feel stuck in the distracted chaos will be looking....for YOU.

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