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An article on water? Who cares? Well...YOU should since it has to do with YOU.

Updated: May 28, 2019

John Lennon told us that "All You Need is Love."  And what a great song that is. 

AND, John....there's a few other things we appear to need as well.  We need the sun.  Air.  We also need gravity, food and water.  We need everything's part of everything, and it's all given to all of us from the universe.  That feels like total, generous love.  So...essentially Mr. Lennon was right.

Of these needs mentioned, think about water in particular right now. 


Yes.  Water.

Bear with me as this will tie back to you.

Can you imagine being water? 

What an absolutely incredible life water has. 

Every...single....thing depends on you then. 


To live.  



We bathe in it.  We roll in it.  Suck it up inside of us.  Push it out of us.  All living things.  Animals, plants and humans.

Water can take on many different names.  Personalities.  And appearances.  Fluid.  Slush.  Puddles,  drizzle, sleet.  It can pour, shower, or mist.  Or pour, shower and mist.  All in one short span of time.  They're all the same thing, just reinvented into different speeds. 


Water gets to reinvent itself over and over and over again.   

My god the places water travels.  How unbelievably incredible.  It's amazing in its lifespan in where it can go.  It not only can flow thousands of miles to pool where it wants to collect and regroup.  It also travels up into the air and hangs out in the clouds for awhile until it's moved by the clouds who decide to let it fall again somewhere possibly brand new.  Somewhere where it is most needed. 

Water then meets all kinds of new life where it's dropped off.  Creates all kinds of new life.  It can drown out an entire continent...or dry up and appear to just...vanish.  And even drying up or vanishing just means it travelled somewhere else.  Or into something else.  It doesn't.  Stop.  Traveling.

Water gets to fall, flow, freeze or fly. When flowing, even a tiny trickle can travel for miles and miles to find and join forces with a bigger relative of it.  A swamp.  A river.  An ocean. When it decides to join the greater collective, relaxing into one of these for awhile, life grows in it.  Around it.  Drinks it.  Turtles, fish, snails, whales, humans, lillypads, dragonflies, beetles, frogs, smog, mud, algae. It doesn't appear (at least to me) that water takes the path of least resistance, but instead really partners with the wind, an invisible force in friendship to create all new landscapes. And the strange, magical powers of water.   Most humans seem to really love sitting by water.  Staring at it.  Taking pictures of it to keep a piece of it.  I'm guessing because of it's magic.   It has no color.   When colorful, it's just reflecting off other particles and creating a partnership in beauty.   You also can and cannot hold it in your hands. It never runs out of itself.  It just reinvents to re-nourish.  There isn't a single thing water doesn't affect.   And the rolling layers of waves appear to be the lake or ocean just...breathing.   When water is stilled by the Northern Hemisphere winters, it chills itself into tight, crunchy, hard ice.....sitting through the storms and harshness winter often brings.  Is it harsh to the water though?  Because that ice can literally push mountains.  And it does! It can open cracks in concrete by pulling it apart. It carved out the Grand Canyon.  It shapes rocks. Man. Can you just imagine being water?  Whether you're a slow power or a thunderous trickle...every...single....thing depends on you then.   To live.   Everything.

Everything loves you and you love it.  Naturally.  

All you needs is that love. don't have to imagine it.  

YOU...are 60% made up of water. WHAT ARE YOU CAPABLE OF NOW?

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